wall mounted shelf

powder coated steel
600 x 260 x 260 mm
mounting material included

Delivery time 1-8 weeks
Shipping cost 20€ (within EU)
Shipping outside EU: Please send us an email

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Wall mounted single shelf units are trending.

Versatile funtionality

L4 wall mounted shelf is the latest addition to our collection.
When you are in need for a shelf, but want to keep the floor space clean, the L4 steel shelf is the answer.
The single shelf unit has many uses. It's a natural fit in hallways for you fashion accessories, but also a perfect night stand in your bedroom. Imagine how nice the thin steel frame would look as a vanity shelf in bathroom.

Easy installation

The L4 steel shelf is fixed on the wall with two point hidden mounting system. Your floor space will be empty and clean.
The shelf comes with two screws and nylon screw anchors. We will also provide an installation template so it's easy to find the right position and height for the shelf.

It’s for life

L4 wall mounted shelf is made out of powder coated steel. The solvent free coating is really durable and environmentally friendly.
The powder coating is super easy to maintain.
The whole structure is welded together, so there are no moving parts to lose.
Mllmtr furniture is for life!