Photo Natalia Salmela

The brand name comes from the word millimeter. It symbols the level of detailing and Samuli’s approach to design: eliminate everything unnecessary without losing the functionality or ergonomics.

“Of course the starting point is ergonomics. I'll try to remove all pointless features from my items and keep the focus in function. If something can be straight, it should be straight. And almost every time it can.”

“Despite the clean lines and sharp edges there is an element of surprise in my chairs: they are really comfortable. The ergonomics is bang on”

Johan Samuli Pöllänen
Interior architect and founder of mllmtr


Johan Samuli Pöllänen

Mr Pöllänen is an interior architect and furniture designer. He studied in University of Arts and Design Helsinki (part of Aalto university today).

After three years of studying in 2004 Samuli founded his company Johan Samuli Pöllänen Oy and begun consulting interior architecture companies specialized in public spaces.

Samuli has done mainly commercial spaces such as department stores, store and restaurant concepts, airports, cruise ships and super yachts.

“I’m really blessed to have the opportunity to work in a field I love. Founding a company that designs and manufactures furniture has always been my dream.

For over ten years I have been designing furniture, developing production and marketing strategy and now we are here. Super!”